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DashApp Application - WEB DESIGN

Category: Web Design

Realized: July 2014

The design of the DashApp.

This design was created on the basis of a general definition of what the company was needing:

"Create a clean and super easy to use dashboard and to do list app that’s supposed to be integrated with Google Apps and to start with Google Tasks and a coming new KPI’s application. That helps the user to focus and do what’s most important every day at the same time as he get’s a quick business KPI status verification green/yellow/red based on how he’s business KPI’s is developing."

A Word is not Enough - WEB DESIGN

Category: Web Design

Realized: November 2013

Redesign of the website A Word is not Enough.

In this project I redesigned the homepage of the website A Word is not Enough with a clean and responsive layout. Attention to fonts and details has been given.

Cicero: A Concept for Gesture Hinting on Mobile Devices

Category: Mobile Design, User Experience

Realized: September 2013

Cicero concept.

This concept was developed during my master thesis project done at the Interaction Design & Technlogies program at Chalmers University (Gothenburg - Sweden). A special thanks go to Sus Lundgren, my supervisor and mentor.

Cicero was created to explore how gesture hinting can be designed to increase the usability of an app without disturbing those who choose not to use it. It was user tested in comparison with a previously suggested concept, called Alchemy, which it clearly outranked. Cicero allows users to ask help to the OS in every situation where the user doesn't know how to interact with an item on the screen. Cicero is not obtrusive since uses a mode intentionally evoked by the user. Cicero is easy to use and quick to learn. The results from the user testing show the goodness in terms of effectiveness, efficiency and satisfaction. Moreover Cicero is a concept extreamely flexible and adaptable, can introduce also custom gestures and can be extended to tablet devices. Therefore Cicero is a good concept that shows a way to the gesture hinting problem's solution.

The complete master thesis's project is describe on the website

The master thesis is available here: Cicero: A Concept for Gesture Hinting on Mobile Devices (PDF)

Aesthetics of Interaction - USER EXPERIENCE

Category: User Experience

Realized: March 2013

This was the major outcome of the Aesthetic of Interaction course, attended at Chalmers University of Technology. The essay shows what I've learned from this course about aesthetics and different approaches to design for interaction. There isn't always a stright path and rules that a designer can follow to create new innovative designs. Aesthetics, emotion, criticism, playfulness, coherency, user experience, and many others can be inspiration to enrich interaction or be the final goals of its design.

Find Your Happiness - MOBILE DESIGN

Category: Mobile Design

Realized: December 2012

iOS app Find Your Happiness design concept and development.

During the Mobile Computing course, with two colleagues Andrea Amodeo and Leo Clipet, I developed a small app for iOS. This app, called Find Your Happiness, allows the user to track his emotions during the day. The user can swipe between different mood smiles and tap on the desired one to record his status. The app store all these moods with the time, locations and notes added by the user. When the user feels like to consult his past moods, he can have a quick view of the moments of his life and scroll through to remember them. He has the possibility to filter the moods, consult the details, see the data aggregated in bar-charts or line-charts group per week, month or year.


Category: User Experience

Realized: October 2012

What I tried to do in this essay was to reflect on the meaning of design, and the role of prototyping in interaction design.

Design means absorbing stimuli from the world around us, envisioning the future, and translating this vision in 'useful' (in a broad significance of the term) creations for the society.
Prototyping is the art of translating ideas in a form that the audience can understand and handle.

In this essay I analysed different forms of prototyping, I've worked with. I started from the text and graph based prototyping: text-based scenario, persona, asbstract models, requirement specifications. Then I analysed the 2D graphical/physical represantations: 2D sketches with pencil, storyboard, moodboard. 3D physical and tangible representations: cardboard model and 3D paper model, clay, textile, foam and styrofoam, Lego model. Drama and Interaction methodology for prototyping: dramatization and role play, use of 3D representations for dramatization, image storytelling. Finally, I discussed IT aided representations: software/GUI-based representations, 3D modelling and 3D printing, video prototyping, sound and music prototyping.

Puzzle - JQUERY

Category: jQuery

Realized: December 2011

the Puzzle game.

The aim of this game is to recombine Puzzle pieces in the original image. I used the jQuery technology that allows the users to play at this game directly from their browser. I used only HTML, CSS and jQuery.

Persuasion on Websites - USER EXPERIENCE

Category: User Experience

Realized: November 2011

This essay, co-written with my colleague Giovanni Lesa, deals with the topic of persuasion. Through the application of the concepts of persuasion and its six basic principles embodied from the social psychology, we highlighted some positive and negative examples of persuasion in the context of websites.

We took advantage of the principles of social psychology to explain how certain persuasive mechanisms work, and why they work best when they work in a certain way. The ultimate purpose of the essay is to outline some guidelines for the realization of persuasive designs, which can increase the degree of effectiveness of the contents of a website.


Category: Web Design

Realized: September 2011

Web design template for the Start Cup website.

This template for the "Start Cup FVG" website was created for the Web Design course taken at the University of Udine. It is based on a 960grid with 16 columns. The website template was designed with Adobe Fireworks and Adobe Photoshop. It was developed with HTML, CSS, JQuery. I also used the frameworks Bootstrap and Less for a faster development. The live version of the website is available on StartCup FVG.

Scatti D'Autore - WEB DESIGN

Category: Web Design

Realized: April 2011

Redesign of the website The Word Department.

In this project I redesigned an article page "Scatti d'Autore" with a minimal, B&W, clean and responsive layout. Attention to white spaces, allignments and grid details has been given.

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