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Coffee Break - LOGO DESIGN

Realized: April 2013

Category: Logo Design

Tools: Adobe Illustrator

Coffee Break - LOGO DESIGN

Category: Logo Design Realized: April 2013

The Coffee Break design comes out of one of those moments when I want to spend some time to learn new tools. This time I was trying to improve my skills in logo design through Adobe Illustrator. I started from a simple idea. The inspiration came from the traditional coffee breaks that we have during our work-time.

Cup of Coffee designed with Illustrator

The first idea was to design literally a broken coffee. I start with illustrate a cup of coffee, a spoon and three coffee beans. The only think I coloured was the coffee inside the cup. Then I broke the coffee surface inside the cup in two, to represent the coffee break. From the raw idea I started to elaborate a logo.

First I chose the “Remachine Script” font. The capital letter “C” with this font reminds me the spiral shape that some barman makes when they prepare the “cappuccino” (Italian coffee). The lines have a high contrast and this can recall strength. This first font is combined with the serif font “Whipsmart” that stands in contrast with the previous font because of the low contrast of the lines and the high readability. A third font “Hoefler Text” is used for the date, particularly appealing is the descendants of the numbers. Beside the traditional convention that forbids the use of to many fonts in a composition, in this logo the fonts bind very well.

Triangle design for the La Fabule logo.

The first concept is simple. I took the minimal element, the coffee bean, and I replaced the traditional split in the middle of the coffee bean with a stylized crack that represents the coffee break. The logo represents the concept in a very minimal, clear and clean metaphor.

Rhombus design for the La Fabule logo.

In the second representation I added a stain under the coffee bean. Like if the broken bean released the coffee.

Circle design for the La Fabule logo.

In the last version, I designed something more complex for the logo. The coffee bean is surrounded by a circular band; containing the name of the brand and the date of the beginning of the production. In addition two cups of coffee stand at the middle level on the sides of the band.

Rounded Table design for the La Fabule logo.

Above is presented the result of the three compositions combined together.

Connection design for the La Fabule logo.

Finally I designed a branding for the company, presenting the slogan within three cups of coffee where the key concepts of the Coffee Break! production are illustrated with three figures: a smile meaning happiness, a kiss meaning passion and a heart meaning love.