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Francesco Busolini - LOGO DESIGN

Realized: October 2013

Category: Logo Design

Tools: Adobe Photoshop Adobe Illustrator

Francesco Busolini - LOGO DESIGN

Category: Logo Design Realized: October 2013

When I approached the idea of designing my personal logo, I decided that it should have brought with him part of my character and my personality. I wanted to embed in it a solid, strong, rational character, combined with a curious personality and a hidden creativity. I chose to combine these characteristics with the first letters of my name.

My personal logo.

I am a rational person, firm, strong, well framed, but also with a spirit of creativity and curiosity. Under an apparent reservedness, I hide much more than you might imagine from a first glance. Anyone who knows me knows that, beyond the first impression I'm charismatic and passionate. Using the logo I wanted to convey both sides of my character.

First of all I used squared solid lines, a bold font, and high contrasted colours. The letter B appears solid and strong. The diagonal lines of the F's terminations give a false prospective effect to the letter B. Especially the bottom diagonal line, that divide the white and the black side, gives a sense of deepness to the letter B. At the same time the letter F, hidden inside the B, is not immediately revealed to a first glance. With this prospective illusion I wanted to add an "AHA" effect to the observers. Eventually, I added the full name on the side of the two letters. This gives more width to the logo, making it more balanced. Moreover, the choice of font reinforces the contrast between my two sides: the solidity, strength and simplicity versus the creativity and elegance of other one.