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Realized: March 2011

Category: Logo Design

Tools: Adobe Photoshop Adobe Illustrator


Category: Logo Design Realized: March 2011

La Fabule's logo was designed for a small web company consisting of four members. The name, which in Italian recalls the term "la favola" (the fable/fairy tale), it's a word of pure invention, based on the first two letters of the surname of each member.

Understood that, the name of the company had been established, the design of the logo was open without specific requirements. My design started from the nature of the company, so from the idea of representing the cooperation between the four members. The developed concepts are based always on four elements, representing the four members. I used four different colours to emphasize the different characteristics and individuality of each member.

Different alternative design for the La Fabule logo.


I added some rationale to each design.

Triangle design for the La Fabule logo.

1. In this first alternative I chose to present the logo as a strong form, a triangle. I emphasized the strength also with a bold font weight. This version expresses a strong company with a team that cooperates with well defined and distinct roles, in a possible hierarchy structure with one dominant possible personality (green triangle on the top).

Rhombus design for the La Fabule logo.

2. Following the previous style, I create this time a rhombus figure that expresses a strong company with solid and squared character. The collaboration between members looks very well defined and distinct functions.

Circle design for the La Fabule logo.

3. This third idea changes the prospective. The logo represents four people (stylized with four circles representing four heads seen from the top), which are holding their hands creating a circle. This concept emphasizes the cooperation. Members help each other.

Rounded Table design for the La Fabule logo.

4. This is a modification of the previous logo, where the four members are seated at a round table. This concept expresses the communication between members.

Connection design for the La Fabule logo.

5. The fifth alternative is more artistic, it expresses the connection between four members, but with a bias towards one personality (the green circle) that could stands over the others.

Circles design for the La Fabule logo.

6. This logo expresses the perfect cohesion between the members of the company, represented through the overlapping of the single personality.

Quatrefoil design for the La Fabule logo.

7. The final version is the most artistic representation. The passion of the members, represented with the heart form of the petals of the quatrefoil, forms a symbol of good luck charm (the quatrefoil). The symbol recalls also the fable theme, therefore was an especially good design.