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Scatti D'Autore - WEB DESIGN

Realized: April 2011

Category: Web Design

Tools: Adobe Photoshop

Technologies: HTML5 CSS

Scatti D'Autore - WEB DESIGN

Category: Web Design Realized: November 2013

The initial redesign of this website was a task for the Web Design course taken at the University of Udine. The challenge proposed by the professor was that not for every content it could be possible create a good web design. He gave us as an example the "The Word Department" website, saying that the content presented in the page doesn't give the opportunity to create a appealing layout. From this statement for me was natural to challenge myself to create a redesign of it. The aim of the website was to redesign the homepage of the website in a more appropriate way.

The original article is available on the Italian newspaper:La Stampa

The new version of the website is:

Web redesign template for Scatti d'Autore website.

I implemented the website with HTML5, CSS. The website is responsive and perfectly visible on different devices.

The final result, with the live version of the website is visible at Scatti D'Autore.